Custom central vacuum systems

[row] [column md=”6″] At Vacutech, we design complete systems that are more than just equipment. We ask questions to understand what goals your system must achieve. Sizing the system and meeting your technical specifications is incredibly important, so we work with you and guide you through every step of the process.

Every Vacutech system includes:

  • Vacuum Power Equipment
    • Turbine vacuum producer
    • Built to order based on piping system, number of system users and more
  • Filtration Equipment
    • Filter out matter and debris to protect the turbine
    • Filtered separators and primary separators
    • Wet separators if needed
  • Piping System
    • Designed with the exact type of pipe and fittings your system requires
    • Factors in your specific needs and the material handling
  • Vacuum Delivery
    • Customized for how operators use hoses and nozzles
    • Designed to protect equipment and extend life span
  • Electrical Controls
    • Starter or variable frequency drive
    • Custom control applications for energy savings
    • Electrical disconnects
    • Start/stop switches
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