The System For Wherever You work

[row] [column md=”7″]At Vacutech, we understand the need for portable vacuum solution. We create vacuum system solutions specifically designed for where and how you work.

Vacutech’s mobile vacuum units work well in areas requiring a powerful vacuum without the need for central piping. They are constructed with the same heavy duty materials as our central vacuum system equipment.

Our mobile units are durable, made to order, and designed to be pushed by hand, towed on a trailer, or mounted to your work vehicle.

We create wet and dry mobile solutions for:

  • Manufacturing Facilities
  • Warehouses
  • Vehicle Detailing Operations
  • Commercial House Cleaning
  • Universities
  • Zoos
  • Machine Shops
  • Light Industrial

What is your application? What are your requirements? We’ve got a system and a solution for you. Contact us today!

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