Gate Express Carwash, St. Johns, Florida

Gate Express Carwash, congrats on your recent January 2019 opening!

Vacutech is proud to have been a part of this fantastic project. The Durbin Park Gate Express Carwash in St. Johns, Florida, features Vacutech’s Palm Arches in powder coated silver.

Vacuum accessories including LED lights, shade awnings and waste receptacles ensure Gate Express customers will have an optimal experience and be sure to return.

As the car wash industry grows, there is an increasing focus on the customer experience. Creating a memorable customer experience is one of the key ways to create a solid base of return customers, according to wash owners, operators and managers. Vacutech offers accessories designed to optimize your customers’ experience. Key accessories, ranging from mat racks to lighting, make the customer comfortable. These accessories also offer convenience that translates to faster vacuuming times meaning you can handle more people faster.

If you’re looking to set yourself apart from the competition by offering your customers The World’s Most Powerful Vacuum Systems paired with the accessories that drive repeat business, contact Vacutech today at (800) 917-9444.

Gate Express, our team at Vacutech wishes you much success!