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No two sites or applications are exactly alike.

Vacutech designs complete vacuum solutions that are more than just a vacuum. We ask the questions that let us create the central vacuum system you need to achieve your goals. We invest our time getting to know your requirements so that we can guarantee your system’s performance and ultimately, your success.

Whether you know what you need or aren’t quite sure yet, our team is with you from first call through install and beyond. We will guide you through the design and planning process for your customized vacuum system.

Why is a planned system important?

All central vacuum systems require planning. Central vacuum systems should be considered a part of MEP (mechanical, electrical, plumbing) drawings in each project. Just as you would size water lines in a plumbing system, a central vacuum system is no different. Several variables should be taken into consideration when planning your system.

What are the variables to take into consideration?

We can help you with your project! We also offer after-sale support and maintenance.

Vacutech has decades of experience designing, manufacturing and implementing central vacuum systems. Our CAD department works with architects, engineers, contractors, owners, and operators to plan your system from a sketch to engineered project plans. Don’t undermine your system with a lack of planning!

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