Your unique needs, your customized system

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Industrial and commercial operations have specialized needs — and those needs require specialized systems. Our central vacuum systems service industrial applications including mining operations, machine shops and many other industries requiring fugitive dust collection. We offer solutions for commercial applications ranging from airports to hotels to hospitals and more. Vacutech has a system for everyone!

We design your industrial or commercial central vacuum system to match your goals, your site, your product and your service.

Our solutions save you time, materials and cost.

Vacutech’s design team works closely with engineers, architects and other planners to meet your precise technical and site details. Our equipment can be built to meet application specifications and performance requirements.

We create systems for:

  • Commercial housekeeping
  • Mining
  • Manufacturing
  • Pill encapsulation and compounding facilities
  • Health facilities
  • Machine shops
  • Electronics manufacturing
  • Solutions for everyone

What is your application? What are your requirements? We’ve got a system and a solution for you. Contact us today!

Applications include:

  • Recycling of vacuumed material
  • Precious material or precious metal collection
  • Releasing large collected objects

Check out our Industrial & Commercial Materials.

See our System Details page.

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