Vacutech’s Iconic Arches

One never knows when a big idea will come to us. In 2005, while Vacutech was collaborating with Wesley Dawson and Joel Jerkins on a user-friendly vacuum delivery system for Octopus Carwash, an idea sparked and a revolutionary design came to fruition. On the back of a napkin, no less, the concept for Vacutech’s iconic arches came to life.

Dawson, a dealer and Jerkins, his customer wanted to give their express carwash customers an experience beyond the ordinary. Their vacuum system needed to be unique, easy to operate, and powerful. The arch system was the perfect solution. With the arches, hoses were conveniently located and multiple users were able to vacuum simultaneously. Another benefit, each hose is connected to a central vacuum producer creating a clean and quite experience for the user.

Not only is the vacuum delivery arch an interesting focal point of the carwash they function as good as they look. Each system is carefully designed using vacuum science and engineering principles to ensure the end user receives a consistently reliable vacuum experience. Key factors in the design of the central vacuum system at Vacutech’s are; attention to equipment location, elevation, number of simultaneous users, material being conveyed, and available electric voltage, just to name a few.

Since we installed our first arch system at Octopus Carwash in Farmington, New Mexico, the world has taken notice of Vacutech’s innovative design. Vacutech Arch Systems are now installed all over the United States, and internationally in Dubai, Europe, and Australia. Vacutech has set the standard for carwash vacuum systems worldwide. and we take great pride in leading a revolutionary change in the industry.