Vacutech Scrap Metal Turned to Art

Emily Nelson, vice president operations manager at Sheridan’s First Federal Bank & Trust, was the lucky winner of this metal sculpture made by talented Vacutech fabricator Russell Kessel.

Look closely and you’ll see the pieces used in this piece of art are actually scraps of metal created at the Vacutech factory as we go through the process of designing, engineering and manufacturing central vacuum systems for carwashes and other industries.

With his impressive fabrication skills and artistic eye, Russell brings new life and vision to the scrap pieces of carbon steel he collects at the Vacutech manufacturing facility in Sheridan, Wyoming. Each flower contains 50+ pieces of scrap that Russell works into pieces of art in his garage. He often donates his works, which range from larger flowers to hummingbirds and dragonflies, as fundraisers for charitable causes.

We recently raffled off this sculpture when Vacutech hosted the Sheridan County Chamber of Commerce Business After Hours event.

While we always say Vacutech’s iconic vacuum arches are key factors in boosting the aesthetics and brand of any carwash, it’s especially neat to see how Russell reworks pieces of our carwash vacuum system equipment into true art.