Vacutech Celebrates 20 Years!

Happy March, everyone!

This year marks the 20th anniversary for Vacutech. For two decades we have been proudly leading the industry in superior vacuum systems.

With each new year, we learn, grow, and continually improve in all aspects of our company. From our beginnings in the business to where Vacutech is today, here are twenty facts about Vacutech in honor of our 20th anniversary.

  • The Tucker family founded Vacutech in 1997.
  • Vacutech is proudly headquartered in Sheridan, Wyoming.
  • In 2004 we relocated Vacutech to Centennial, CO.
  • Today, we still have one facility located in Colorado where we process orders for small parts.
  • The Iconic Vacuum Delivery Arches was first designed and introduced in 2005, and it all began with a sketch on a napkin.
  • Vacutech cares for the environment. Our team can help provide solutions to manufacturing processes that may create contamination, airborne particles or vapor which can be harmful to people and/or the environment.
  • Pride, power, and purpose are Vacutech’s three main principles when it comes to providing our clients with outstanding customer service and products.
  • Vacutech has grown their business each year by making the highest quality product and providing unparalleled Customer Service.
  • Vacutech employees receive financial training by Dave Ramsey to improve and maintain their personal financial health – among many other great benefits!
  • In 2015, Vacutech competed in the Sheridan WYO Rodeo Bed Race. Though we did not win, our team manufactured a super sleek speedster!
  • In addition to car wash vacuum and detailing systems, Vacutech also designs products for several other industries. Commercial housekeeping, healthcare facilities, machine shops, and much more. We have a solution for every need.
  • You might just see the Vacutech name the next time you head to a zoo! We have created and manufactured wet/dry mobile vacuum systems for cleaning animal enclosures. Keep an eye out during your next trip to the zoo.
  • Vacutech is currently working on improving the function and aesthetics of our website, to improve our customers’ online experience.
  • Vacutech updated our brand in the summer of 2015, where we unveiled our current logo.
  • Octopus Carwash in Farmington, New Mexico, was the first location of our iconic arch vacuum system.
  • We offer a full selection of paint colors for our Customers to match your desired brand and aesthetics.
  • We have new photos on our online photo gallery for a better look at the products we offer –
  • The awnings of our car wash self-serve vacuum systems are structured with Koolaroo and other fabrics, and help keep customers cool and safe from UV rays.
  • Our team has been in the vacuum business for over 60 years!
  • Before Vacutech, founders John and Tom Tucker owned and operated other successful vacuum businesses.

To all our clients, staff, and partners who have been with us these past 20 years, thank you for your continued support!