Keeping Up Value

These days, car consumers everywhere are making smarter decisions when purchasing their vehicles. According to CNBC, car owners of new vehicles are now keeping their cars for an average eleven and a half years, and plan to keep them for as long as possible when signing on the dotted line.

For a single driver to not tire of a vehicle for over ten years, it takes a lot of care. Keeping the vehicle in great condition is the first step. With Vacutech’s lineup of car wash central vacuum systems and car detailing systems and accessories, you can now help your customers keep their cars in pristine condition – longer.

Owning a car for a longer period of time is more possible now than ever. Car manufacturing and safety has greatly improved over the past two and a half decades. How an owner takes care of their vehicle though is a new potential owner’s first glimpse into the value of the car.

A clean car inside and out, has a much higher value than one not given proper cleanings. Buildup from spilled foods and drinks can cause corrosion in interior parts, and not washing the outside can allow chemicals from our roads to rust and eat away at the vehicle’s exterior.

Customers planning to keep their cars for more than a decade, want the best in cleaning power. With Vacutech, give them what they want and what their cars need. Our car wash central vacuum systems are high-performing and can be customized to meet your business’s specifications. Our vehicle detailing tools and equipment save time and money as they minimize operator fatigue with superior deep cleaning.

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