Hazards to our Health – How Vacuum Systems Can Help

In nearly every industry, dust and/or debris is created in one form or another. Sometimes it is easily seen and other times you may only see evidence later when dust begins to build up on horizontal surfaces. Vacutech Vacuum Systems can help rid your factory, floor, and air of potentially harmful byproducts, preventing airborne contaminants and dust buildup.

Capturing dust and debris before it has an opportunity to become airborne or collect on surfaces can prevent the inhalation of fine particles and create a significantly cleaner, safer, and more pleasant working environment. 

A few of the industries Vacutech currently works with are commercial housekeeping, welding, composite manufacturing, pill encapsulation and compounding facilities, machine shops, and electronics manufacturing. These industries make important products that help people every single day, yet the dust and debris they create can be hazardous. 

With a Vacutech Vacuum System, your industry and workspace can become a safer environment for your staff and customers. We work directly with our clients, touring the facility, and understanding your exact needs before our design team ever begins the initial sketch. Knowing precisely the debris created, machines used, and site specifications can help us manufacture a system that removes dust and debris from the air, floor, and surfaces before they ever present a risk.

Keep your space safe and get started with Vacutech today. We have a custom solution for your industry, and it’s just a phone call away. Breathe easy, you’re in good hands with Vacutech!