Invest in your system with proper care and maintenance.

We build your systems to last, but they also need your care and attention! Below are links to simple, easy-to-understand videos that answer some of our most frequently asked system care questions.

Vacutech also offers maintenance assistance. Contact us for details.

Separator Bag Filter Change

Replacing Dump Valve Gasket

Separator Gasket Replacement

Crevice Tool Holder Installation

Cleaning A VFD

Palm Arch Arm Installation

Parallelling The Arch Arms

Debris Separator Installation

Hose Installation

Separator Identification

Awning Installation

Waste Receptacle Installation

Installing the Claw Tool Holder

LED Lights

Cleaning the Filter Bags

Overhead Piping Installation

Mat Rack Installation

Quick Arch Arm Installation

Underground Arch Installation

Baseplate Cover Installation

Umbrella Arch Arm Installation

Awning Measurements

Stanchion Installation

Cleaning A Debris Separator

Descaling Overhead Vacuum Piping